The Research & Development Laboratory (RDL) at DASCO Inc. is a highly experienced group of researchers/scientists with a wide research portfolio dedicated to ensuring the success of your scientific endeavors.

Our expertise covers a broad range of specialized disciplines, including biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental sciences, and food production.  Our team is comprised of a Director, a Project Scientist, a Laboratory Operations Manager, 5 Senior Research Associates and 5 Research Associates. Our Senior Staff have an average of nearly 20 years of experience.

What does RDL have to offer?


We offer laboratory facilities to investigators/researchers, such as water treatment professionals or environmental sciences professionals who do not have access to dedicated laboratory space.


We offer highly trained personnel who can be assigned to, or otherwise augment, research projects when it is not feasible to hire additional staff due to a project’s limited duration or limited personnel requirements.


We offer scientific equipment to support a multitude of studies by different organizations and investigators.


We offer scientific knowledge, dedication and understanding to foster the success of your research endeavors.

Research and Development Lab at DASCO, Inc

For More Information, Please Contact Us…

Research and Development Laboratory
9000 E. Nichols Ave., #205
Centennial, CO  80112
720-459-3146, or 702-986-8326