DASCO’s origins stem from agriculture, where we understand the crucial role that crop nutrients play in the success of your business, and consequently, ours too. Having been active since 1996 in dynamic national and regional markets, we have the expertise to recognize market fluctuations and adapt accordingly. We believe in open communication and knowledge sharing, enabling us to collaborate with you in developing a comprehensive business plan that addresses your year-round needs.

Our network of partners, both nationally and globally, guarantees you access to high-quality products at competitive prices. We mitigate risks by sourcing from multiple supply chains, giving you peace of mind. Our management team possesses extensive global market knowledge, which we apply to your local market for optimal results.

Products Available:

TerraFuze P – Enhanced Phosphate Liquid Starter


Ammonium Poly Phosphate – Liquid


Ammonium Sulfate

21-0-0-24 Dry Granular

Ammonium Sulfate Spray Grade

21-0-0-24 Small Granular for Melt

Ammonium ThioSulfate

12-0-0-26s – Liquid Sulfate

Anhydrous Ammonia

82-0-0 -NH3 Gas Nitrogen

Diammonium Phosphate

12-46-0 Dry Granular

Monoammonium Phosphate

11-52-0 Dry Granular

Potash – KCI

60%-62.5% K20 Dry Granular


60%-62.5% Soluble Small Granular for Melt


85%-90% Dry


32% & 28% Liquid Urea Ammonium Nitrate


46-0-0 Dry Granular

Urea Prill

46-0-0 Dry Smaller Granular Sizing