Ensuring the safety and quality of industrial chemicals is of utmost importance, and that’s why it’s crucial to source them from trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers. At DASCO, we prioritize this by partnering with regional and national suppliers who meet our high standards. We only work with reputable manufacturing partners that we have established strong relationships with, enabling us to keep you informed and help you make informed decisions.

With our vast network of resources, we can quickly and easily source quality products to meet your needs. Additionally, our reliable distribution partners ensure efficient receipt of products.

Products Available:

Ammonium Bisulfate

70% Solution

Anhydrous Ammonia


Sodium Bisulfite

34% Solution

Aqua Ammonia

19%-30% NH3 – Liquid

Calcium Chloride

93% Powder

Calcium Chloride Prills

93% Prills

Sulfuric Acid

93%-98% H2SO4

Technical Grade MAP

11-52-0 Monoammonium Phosphate – Dry Product


46-0-0 – Dry Granular

Urea – Formaldehyde Free

46-0-0 – Dry Granular

Industrial Potash – Soluble

60%-62.5% K20

Urea Liquor

40% & 50% Solution