Suppling feed ingredients is no easy feat. There are various obstacles such as maintaining quality, managing logistics, and dealing with unpredictable market fluctuations when it comes to procuring these products. At DASCO, we understand these challenges and work with you to minimize the risks involved. We partner with trusted manufacturers and suppliers globally and regionally to provide top-notch, reliable ingredients at competitive prices.

Our feed ingredients meet the highest standards of Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification, ensuring that they are produced, shipped, and stored with utmost care. This FDA-recognized certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.

Products Available:


Calsea Powder


Calsea Granular

LithoNutri Powder

LithoNutri Powder

DiCalcium Phosphate

Feed Grade Urea



Feed Buffer Premium Magnesium Oxide

Potassium Chloride

KCl 60%-62.5%