EBC-5280 Engineered CarbonDASCO introduces EBC-5280, an advanced engineered carbon product designed for the efficient removal of nitrates from water sources. This technology showcases superior adsorption capabilities, significantly outperforming traditional activated carbon, biochar, and aluminosilicates by adsorbing over ten times the amount of nitrates.

EBC-5280 is manufactured using a proprietary process, ensuring high-quality standards. The applications of EBC-5280 are diverse, including nitrate removal from drinking water, nutrient recovery from various water systems, and soil productivity enhancement. Its use in nitrate remediation and carbon sequestration highlights its potential to benefit both the economy and the environment.

DASCO has appointed Dr. Erick Bandala to lead the research and development program, enhancing the company’s commitment to innovation. Additionally, DASCO has established an in-house laboratory and a prototype plant dedicated to developing scalable production methods for its materials. The company’s primary focus is twofold: to serve as a platform that supports technical innovation and its creators, facilitating the introduction of effective technologies to the market, and to develop engineered materials tailored to address the specific challenges identified by our network of customers and associates.