EBC-5280 Engineered CarbonIntroducing DASCO’s groundbreaking new engineered carbon product EBC-5280. This cutting-edge treatment technology offers a unique and environmentally beneficial solution for removing nitrates from water sources. With its exceptional adsorption capabilities, EBC-5280 surpasses all known competitive technologies, making it the superior choice.

EBC-5280 stands out as a premium carbon product of unparalleled quality, manufactured to the highest standards and engineered using our proprietary methodology. In comparison to conventional activated carbon, alternative biochar, or aluminosilicates, EBC-5280 demonstrates an extraordinary ability to adsorb more than 10 times the amount of nitrates. This remarkable performance makes it the ultimate solution for a wide range of commercial applications.

The potential applications for EBC-5280 are vast and impactful. It can effectively remove nitrates from drinking water, recover nutrients from agricultural drainage, stormwater, and onsite wastewater, among other uses. By addressing multiple challenges with a single product, EBC-5280 has the power to revolutionize various industries. Its capabilities include nitrate remediation, carbon sequestration, and enhancing the productivity of agricultural or remediation soils. Fundamentally, EBC-5280 establishes a mutually beneficial economic and ecological value chain.

With DASCO’s EBC-5280, you can expect exceptional nitrate removal, environmental sustainability, and the potential for significant positive impacts on both the economy and ecosystems. Join us in embracing this groundbreaking solution and be a part of a brighter and cleaner future.