DASCO, Inc Consider It Done.
9785 Maroon Circle Suite 110
Englewood, CO 80112

Values and Principles

OUR MISSION is to create value through relationships, knowledge and service.

DASCO's Values

  • Integrity: With honesty, understand and constructively deal with reality.
  • Value: Create and deliver real, long-term value for suppliers, customers, employees and the company.
  • Business Ethic: Demonstrate a sense of urgency, discipline, accountability, judgment, initiative, critical thinking, measured risk-taking, openness and legal compliance.
  • Focus: Understand and develop relationships with suppliers and customers to profitably understand, anticipate and satisfy their needs.
  • Knowledge: Proactively seek and share the best information.
  • Change: Seek input that will challenge us to think creatively and embrace change.
  • Humility: Practice humility and intellectual honesty.
  • Respect: Value others, treating each person with dignity, honesty, sensitivity and empathy; practice and encourage teamwork.
  • Fulfillment: Produce results that create value, realizing your full potential.

The Principles by Which We Operate

  Customer and Supplier Service 

Service to Customers and Suppliers

We care about and work to exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers by understanding their needs and contributing to their success. We strive to bring maximum value by providing information, services and high quality products.


We deliver extraordinary results.
  Resource and Financial Responsibility 

Resource and Financial Responsibility

We put all of our resources to best use and reward all stakeholders fairly.
  Team Relationships 

Team Relationships

We respect and value one another, work smart, work hard and work together. We value honesty and individual and collective best efforts.
  Image and Reputation 


We are a company of high integrity and excellence and are committed to creating value for our customers, suppliers and employees. We are sincere in our relationships and highly productive.
  Growth and Innovation 

Growth and Innovation

We seek input from our customers, suppliers and employees in order to continually improve. We embrace change and work to create value for all stakeholders.