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Feed Ingredients

Manufacturing feed ingredients is a complex business. Quality assurance, logistics and market volatility can all introduce challenges into purchasing products. DASCO mitigates these risks. We find the best ingredients from suppliers with the highest integrity at the lowest price-internationally and domestically.

Certified Facility Safe Feed Safe Food
All of the feed ingredients we purchase are stored in Safe Feed/Safe Food Certified
warehouses. This FDA-recognized certification lets our customers know that DASCO is
always committed to quality.

DASCO can help supply you with the following feed ingredient products:

  Biotin Magnesium Sulfate
  Calcium Sulfate Manganese Sulfate
  Choline Chloride Potassium & Magnesium Sulfate
  Copper Sulfate Potassium Carbonate
  De-Fluorinated Phosphates Potassium Chloride
  Dicalcium Phosphate Selenium
  Dolomite Sodium Bi-Carbonate
  Feed Grade Salt Sodium Carbonate
  Feed Grade Urea Vitamin A
  L-Lysine Amino Acid Vitamin E
  Magnesium Oxide Zinc Sulfate
  Monocalcium Phosphate  
Scott Ensminger   Scott Ensminger
Manager of Animal Feed Products
Office:  720-459-3152
Montgomery Osborn   Montgomery Osborn
Area Sales Manager
Office:  720-459-3178
Dan Matthies   Dan Matthies
Area Sales Manager
Office:  720-930-2514