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Crop Nutrients

Our roots are in crop nutrients and fertilizer. For two decades, we have been helping business partners find the highest quality products to meet their needs and have been ensuring fast, on-time, hassle-free delivery. We regularly provide our customers with up-to-date information to help make the most informed decisions possible. DASCO is committed to making sure you receive the highest quality crop nutrients at the most competitive prices. As the global market changes, so does the way DASCO works with you.

DASCO supplies the following crop nutrients and fertilizer materials:

  10-30-5 Potash
  10-34-0 Potash - soluble
  11-37-0 Sulfate of Potash
  Ammonium Nitrate Sulfate of Potash - Magnesium
  Ammonium Sulfate Spray Grade Sulfate of Potash - Magnesium granular
  Ammonium Thiosulfate Sulfate of Potash - Magnesium standard
  Anhydrous Ammonia Sulfur 90%
  Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Solution Triple Super Phosphate
  Copper UAN 28%
  Diammonium Phosphate UAN 32%
  Iron Urea
  Lime Urea - Prilled
  Manganese Zinc - Dry
  Monoammonium Phosphate Zinc - EDTA
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